How do cops know you’re texting and driving? 

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Okay, we’ve all done it. It’s not something to be proud of, but who hasn’t sent a quick text at a stoplight or even as they’re driving? We won’t tell on you, but we do want to emphasize how dangerous texting while driving really is. Studies have shown that it is just as dangerous as drunk driving. Cops can spot it pretty easily, too, so if for no other reason, don’t text and drive so you can avoid expensive fines. Keep reading to learn more. 

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Ways the cops know you’re texting behind the wheel 

You’re looking down woman texting while driving

This seems obvious because, well, it is. Nobody who is paying attention to the road looks down at their crotch. Police officers might not specifically be looking for this, but if they notice it, they have a reason to pull you over even if there isn’t proof of texting. They could cite you for inattentive or reckless driving. 

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Your car is swerving 

This isn’t necessarily a telltale sign of texting, but it is a possible symptom of it. Swerving will always draw the attention of the cops and it’s easy to do if you’re texting. If your eyes come off the road for just two seconds, that’s two seconds you’re driving blind. They will pull you over for swerving and they will ask if you were paying attention to something other than the road. 

Your phone records 

This tactic is generally only used in the event of an accident with a serious injury or death. If that does happen, the police can pull your phone records to determine if texting or calling was a factor in the accident. Needless to say, it’s best for everyone if you just keep your phone silenced and put away when you’re behind the wheel. 

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