How to Prep your Kia Models for Summer Weather

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Tips to Prep your Kia Models for the Summer

With summer just around the corner here in the Garden Grove area, that means the hot weather is well on its way. But to make sure you’re prepared for the hotter weather, our Service Center at Garden Grove Kia wanted to share a few tips to prep your Kia model for the warmer summer weather. Check them out!

Check, Replace, and Refill Your Tires and Coolants

One of the most important tips year-round is to make sure your vehicle’s tires and fluids are properly filled and ready. This is especially true in the summer months, as a flat tire or engine breakdown can happen at any moment. Plus, old fluids can hurt your Kia model’s performance, either by corroding tanks or clogging key places in your engine.

Prepare Your Battery for High Temperatures

Though many people warn about batteries in the winter, the summer months are even harsher on a vehicle’s battery. With high temperatures under the hood, the corrosion and evaporation process is accelerated inside your battery. This causes weaker battery output and potentially a shorter battery life. Testing your battery only takes a few minutes, and our service center can replace your Kia model’s battery with a new one!

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Keep an Emergency Kit in Your Vehicle

Nobody wants to break down while on the open road. Though many of us may carry a handful of supplies in our vehicles, having an emergency kit for such occasions is incredibly important for those unexpected moments. Some items you can keep include:

  • A bottle of water per passenger stored in a cool area
  • Spare cell phone charger
  • Jumper cables or car battery charger
  • Sunscreen and wide-brim hats
  • Vehicle fuses

Service Your Vehicle with Us at Garden Grove Kia

As always, keeping up with your vehicle’s maintenance is always the most important tip. For inspections, tire servicing, oil changes, brakes or battery replacement, and more, stop into Garden Grove Kia to make sure your work is done right. Schedule an appointment with us today and we can ensure your vehicle is ready for the summer months!

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