Where can you find a list of Kia warning lights?

By Product Expert | Posted in Service Center on Friday, August 19th, 2016 at 4:30 pm
Kia Dashboard Warning Light Guide

Kia Dashboard Warning Light Guide

You’re driving down the road on a sunny day. Everything seems to be running fine and you’re just enjoying a cruise. After all, gas prices aren’t that bad this year, and though it’s been hot, it’s nice to leave the house without a heavy jacket, right? Then in the corner of your vision you see a light illuminate in your gauge cluster for seemingly no reason, and that naturally causes a panic. If you aren’t familiar with the symbol, you might be wondering if you should pull over. Well, we’re here to provide you with a Kia Dashboard Warning Light Guide to help you quickly diagnose the issue and figure out what level of emergency you’re looking at and what might need to be fixed.

List of Kia Dash Lights

Your most common lights are all listed below, and some should look familiar to you. Which lights are a real warning and which are just reminders? There are a few you should be familiar with, such as the cruise control indicator, which simply illuminates to remind you that it is active (and you should press the brakes or deactivate it when coming up on other vehicles) while other lights will warn you when a system is going wrong.

Kia Dashboard Warning Lights
A good rule of thumb is that green lights are reminders that a system is active, yellow lights are a warning (think when your ABS is triggered, it might light up yellow to indicate it was activated, and to watch your driving because conditions are likely slippery), but a red light likely means you are low on an important fluid or that your engine is overheating. If a red light is flashing, you almost always want to pull over.

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We hope you find this quick guide helpful, but there are more details in your owner’s manual. You can also contact us here at our Service Center if you need further diagnosis. We’ll be covering other important maintenance tips here at the Garden Grove Kia Blog, so make sure you stay tuned.

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59 Responses to “Where can you find a list of Kia warning lights?”

  1. Rosalinda Trejo says:

    My airbag warning light came on today is this something dangerous

  2. Rosalinda Trejo says:

    2014 Kia forte airbag warning came on is it ok to drive im worried

  3. Victor Rivera says:

    HEV light came on while driving 2016 Kia Optima hybrid is this Normal ?

  4. Lawrence Ortega says:

    An orange light came on with the letter B what does this signify

  5. Lawrence Ortega says:

    An orange light on a 2017 Optima came on with the letter B what does this signify


    a light with a picture of a wrench that says, Interv. manten. Desac

  7. Patty A Blanch says:

    There is a red light that always flashes on the tachometer when the engine is switched off. While I was driving this evening for some unknown reason it started flashing as it normally does when the engine is off and intermittently did a cycle of very quick flashes and then back to the normal flashes then a cycle of quick flashes again and then back to the regular flashes consistently till I got home. Is this a serious problem?

  8. david cyr says:

    I have a warning lite on in my new 2018 kia sorento. and it is none of the above. what next.

  9. Frank Jones says:

    You forgot to mention the icee road light both here and Manuel

  10. connie mccormack says:

    I have a warning light that came on this morning it is a triangle with exclaimation mark in middle of it and don’t know what that means its not in owners manuel

  11. Hi my optima hybride flash à orange warning light wit a bep to fast to read tree Time in a few day in cold weather the kia dealer watts 75$ to look my car only Have 34000 km please give your comment tank you

  12. Nancy says:

    2016 Kia optima hybrid brake light in dash is on. Won’t let me go anywhere. What’s up? Book says it has to get fixed. Stays in park engine won’t start??

  13. My 2004 KIA Sedona airbag light is on, what does it mean? Should I drive my van any longer?.

  14. Shanell Johnson says:

    My 214 Kia Sportage didn’t give any watching about coolant bring low or nothing, however I drove the car for about an hour, it started stalling and knocking and finally stopped. I had to get a tow to the house. A couple of days later I checked the coolant and there wasn’t any in there. Why didn’t the gauges show low coolant?

  15. Victor Hamilton says:

    have a Kia Sportage 1999 the engine malfunction light comes on but does not stop engine while driving what could be the cause of this

  16. Amelia Sanchez says:

    I have a 2018 Kia Optima and on the dashboard reads eco what does that mean

  17. Annette says:

    Does anyone one know what the acorn looking sign is on the dash, it’s half red and the car isn’t reaching the speed quickly or consistently

  18. Keith Purser says:

    What’s an Indicator lamp malfunction on my Soul?

  19. Charmaine Zungu says:

    I am driving a Kia Sportage 2011 model and from yesterday i’m getting a yellow light with a message lock on indicator light, what does this mean?

  20. Cecilia Diaz says:

    I’m having problem starting the car, I thought it was the battery, so I change it, still have problem, also when the car start the Electronic Stability light is on and the RMP is not been measured.

  21. Alex says:

    I’ve got a small red light on my dashboard. Next to my gauge cluster. Could be aftermarket, can’t find any info on it. Just came in for the first time in a year. No check engline lights but this van is a piece. Lot of problems atm. Any idea what this light is or could be? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

  22. Alex says:

    2004 Kia Sedona mini van sorry

  23. Curtis says:

    Do a 06 kia optima have a range meter. I would like to know how much gas I have till empty.

  24. Richard Boeker says:

    Some sort of indicator appeared within the temperature gauge “C – H” Below the “Hot” a red light started to oscillate even though the indicator needle remained below half. Have not been able to locate similar indicator in booklet. Can you help…

  25. Ehab says:

    Thanks for all information in here the information in here help me very much
    thanks again

  26. Wendy says:

    Just this morning, after halting my cerato forte for a while with the engine and hazard lights on, the Malfunction Indicator Lamp lighted up and the car was jumpy. Please advise.


  27. Viriana E Garay says:

    I have a electronic stability indicator light on is that bad

  28. It is very important to monitor your dashboard and respond appropriately when one of the dashboard lights comes on. Your dashboard is designed to keep you informed about the health of your vehicle and provide information about systems in use… Thanks for sharing amazing information with us.

  29. Lori says:

    A warning light came on in my 2018 Kia Forte “Low pressure.” What does this mean?

  30. Renae says:

    Hi, I got a yellow light indicator of the car with the key signal on my 2015 Kia Optima with 23k miles. The message on the dash read to shift car to P but it was already in Park & the engine was off. The car lights and radio stayed on inside the car. I tried several times to shut the car off to no avail. I drove it 5 miles to a Kia dealership & they did a diagnostic test but couldn’t do anything because the yellow imobilizet light warning had disappeared. What can I do to fix this issue so it won’t happen again?

  31. Mark says:

    I have an attention symbol with a snowflake linked to it – I have no idea what this means, I cannot find anything in the owners manual and I found nothing on this site. Do I need to be alarmed. Is it telling me I need anti-freeze? Is it just telling me that it is cold enough to snow? Thank You.

  32. Lanita says:

    Hello – We have a 2018 KIA Forte – somehow my husband was trying out different buttons to see what they do and he has changed the temp gauge – it was F and now it is C. will you tell me how to make it read F? Thanks so much
    Lanita Heston

  33. Andy Webster says:

    Use the setup option on the satellite radio – its one of the last menus. Allows you to change between Celsius and Farenheit.



  34. Shirley Pettett says:

    my car is a cerato and it had a warning light with the key in it what does this mean?

  35. Mary garza says:

    My kid is showing TMPS WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?

  36. victoria mackey says:

    what does the snow flake warning light signal now finding this in book

  37. victoria m. says:

    what does the snow flake warning light signal not finding this in book

  38. Gina Abram says:

    Please a plain why when I turn the engine off on my three month old Kia Rio a warning light flashes up that says battery draining do not use system while the engine not running but I have nothing on not even the radio

  39. Azubuike Chima says:

    My air bag sign on red is on my dash board,should I be worried

  40. Darrelyn says:

    My check engine light is on and then my low tire pressure light comes on. What does this mean? I also rep leaves my tired about 3 weeks ago

  41. Johannes mokemane says:

    I’m driving kia sorento 2011 the is a sign of malfunction indicator,what does that mean?

  42. Philip Gonzales says:

    I have a 2014 kia optima. Recently my Drive “D” light on my dadhboard will turn off and stay blank. When i step on the gas from a stop it takes a while to go. I can feel the engine rev a little before it gets going. Has anyone else had this issue?

  43. Miriam I Vega says:

    Just got a 2019 Kia Forte LXS yesterday and today the EPS has been coming on. What does it mean?

  44. Laurel says:

    2019 Kia Forte EX, headlight and parking light- light up on the instrument panel intermittently in green while driving. Then will go away. Back on…etc,

  45. Dmm-Jackpot says:

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    thanks for providing these statistics. http://99ceme.in/jackpot.php

  46. Sherlene M says:

    I have a 2014 Kia Soul, there is a a light keep flashing saying weak. Cannot find in manual. What does this mean?

  47. Ali Humphreys says:

    I hired a Kia today and driving home noticed a light on dashboard which is a car with a line each side like the road, at times it’s white and otherwise green,? Not driven such a new modern car before, have checked through manuals but can’t find it anywhere? Anyone able to tell me what it’s indicating? Thanks

  48. Duane E Miller says:

    I have a 2011 Optima. The instrument panel has gone dead with an A in a green circle. Speedometer, gas guage, and everything else is dark.

  49. shad says:

    I have a Kia picanto 2013.In the dashboard of my kia picanto sometimes shows 5 and the triangle sometimes 4 and the triangle after a few seconds are turned off.Is there anything wrong?

  50. Brian hayes says:

    I have a Kia Sportage 2018 model , this morning I noticed in the middle of the instrumentation panel a notification in a small circle. POWER OFF, can’t find any reference in the manual , thanks

  51. Antonia says:

    I have a Kia Rio ecodynamics and when my petrol light comes on it tells me roughly how many miles I have which is normally 30 miles left but then straight after that it goes to – – –
    Does anyone know what this means?

  52. sarah Rose says:

    I have a A light on.. i know its the auto stop/start.. had battery replaced.. done a ling motorway drive… light still on

  53. Roland Bugden says:

    Ihave a 2014 Kia Rondo.The Malfunction Indicator lamp light comes on.What does it mean.

  54. Tshidi says:

    I have a 2013 Kia Picanto and my Malfunction Indicator Lamp has been coming on and when i start the car it comes very slow lately and i bought a new battery in September 2019. What seems to be the problem

  55. Maylona says:

    I have a KIA Picanto AT 2018 and my Malfunction indicator lamp comes on. Then the air condition is not functioning and the speedometer is not working as well. What does it mean? Is it still safe to use the car? I cant go to the KIA shop cause of ECQ due to covid….I still have to travel 3 hrs to reach there.

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