Summer car care checklist

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The winter months are notorious for wreaking havoc on our vehicles, but summertime can be rough too if you don’t take the right steps. You should do everything you can to care for your car in the heat as well as the cold. Keep reading to get a few tips on how to keep your vehicle happy and healthy during the hottest time of the year. 

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How to care for your car in the summer 

Summer car care isn’t all that different than normal ol’ car care. You should make sure your fluids are at the right levels and keep your tires properly inflated, but this time of year can lead to overheating under the hood and in the cabin. 

Keep your battery prepared for high temperatures

kia telluride engine under hoodSummer heat can harm your battery as much as winter cold. Make sure your battery is securely mounted to minimize vibration. Battery fluid can evaporate in the heat and lead to corrosion. Come get your battery tested to make sure it can withstand the summer season. 

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Use engine coolant 

Like all car fluids, you should get your coolant flushed periodically. You should check your coolant levels between flushes and always make sure it’s at the right level. You should never remove your radiator cap if your engine is hot, as that may cause serious burns. Inspect hoses and belts for cracking or soft spots. 

Fill up your tires 

Underinflated tires in the heat can blowout much more easily. Check your tire pressure once a week or so and adjust the PSI accordingly. Always follow the optimal inflation recommendations in your owner’s manual or come see us with any concerns you have. 

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  1. Rosie Wilson says:

    Engine overheating is one of the many mechanical malfunctions induced by the extreme summer temperature which could bring the vehicle to a halt in the middle of nowhere. The cooling system prevents the engine overheating by absorbing the excess amount of heat generated during the internal combustion. However, mechanical malfunctions in the cooling system cause the engine overheating. So, the condition of different components of the cooling system should be subjected to inspection and if necessary should be repaired or replaced immediately. To know more about the engine-related issues, visit

  2. Loris Pearson says:

    Malfunctions in the cooling system of the vehicle could have disastrous outcomes. The extreme hot temperature of the summer could cause the engine overheating. So, the condition of different components of the cooling system should be inspected prior to the arrival of the summer season. Malfunctions in the cooling system should be repaired immediately to prevent engine overheating and subsequent issues.

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