2018 Kia Sedona Garden Grove CA

black kia sedona in driveway

Drivers with families are constantly wishing they had more room. It may be cliché, but a minivan actually is the perfect vehicle for parents. They have become increasingly stylish in recent years and the Kia Sedona, in particular, features more technological and comfort features than ever before.

What makes a minivan great is how it accommodates to parents and kids alike. You've got to keep the young ones entertained, especially on a long trip. The new Sedona comes standard with SiriusXM Satellite Radio compatibility, complete with a wide selection of kids' stations. Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Bluetooth, and even rear seat entertainment are all available add-ons. Those sitting in the middle and back seats can plug in headphones, put in a DVD, and watch their favorite movies right in the Sedona's cabin.

2018 Kia Sedona interior space

It would be awfully tough to be comfortable in a vehicle with a family of five if you don't have enough room. Well, that shouldn't be much of a concern with the Sedona. The minivan comes with 166 cubic feet of passenger space alone, and with options like first-class, reclined passenger seats, dual power sunroofs, and a cargo net, your interior area can be maximized to its full potential. If cargo is a bigger concern for you, you should be good to go on that front as well. With the seats folded or removed, the 2018 Sedona can turn into a cargo van. Up to 142 cubic feet is available for cargo.

Those interested in learning more should come down to Garden Grove Kia. Feel free to bring your family, too! Come check out this great, new minivan and see what else it has to offer. Take a peek under the hood and check out the 276-horsepower V6 engine that averages up to 24 MPG on the highway. We will answer any of your remaining questions and we can go over all pricing specifics. We hope to see you soon and don't forget that you can schedule a test drive online.