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Headlight replacement Garden Grove CA

You are almost guaranteed to need at least one new headlight during your lifetime behind the wheel. Okay, you will probably need several replaced. Even the best headlights don't last forever, and they need to be replaced or repaired every few years or so. You have probably heard your mechanic tell you "well we can get you a new headlight or high beam" after a regularly scheduled oil change appointment. Most people say something like "no thanks, maybe next time." If you're one of those people, quit it! Just get it fixed and you'll stop getting bugged about it.

Change a headlight is a simple process and it doesn't take very long. Once we match the right bulb to your make and model, we can get the whole thing done in ten minutes. Some customers might have no problem changing their own lights, but it can be a tricky task if you've never done it before. Let us help you out and do it for you. The labor cost will be minimal and halogen bulbs rarely cost more than $20. If you're looking to replace an HID bulb, however, you might be looking at a price tag that’s closer to $80.

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Order genuine Kia parts

If you are one of those mentioned above who likes doing their own work, order the right bulb or bulbs for your Kia. Fill out our online parts order form and get everything you need from headlight bulbs to oil filters to whatever else you need to get a job done. Take some time on a Saturday morning and get some good honest work in. All Kia parts are authentic and specifically engineered for your particular model.

Services at Garden Grove Kia

Yes, we can do more than change headlights. We can change taillights too. Okay, there's still more than that. Bring your Kia here for its next scheduled oil change, coolant flushing, electrical service, brake replacement, or any other maintenance you've been putting off. The expert technicians here can handle anything you throw at them. Schedule an appointment and you'll see for yourself.

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