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Vehicle inspection Garden Grove CA

You should get your vehicle inspected about once every six months or so. This is roughly the same timeline as every other oil change. Just like going to the doctor for a checkup, it's important to make sure everything with your car is on the up and up. If a serious problem goes unnoticed, it can have some pretty bad consequences. Let us give your Kia a full inspection after every other regularly scheduled oil change and you won't have any unexpected problems.

A typical vehicle inspection includes basic things that, frankly, you could do yourself like testing the horn, wipers, and brake lights. It also involves checking the brakes, exhaust and emission systems, wheel assembly, engine belts, and more under the hood. So, yeah, it might be tough to perform a full inspection in your own garage. Help us help you and schedule an appointment online or give us a call if you haven't had a thorough inspection in a while.

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Order genuine Kia parts

Now, if there is a service that you know your Kia needs and you can perform it yourself, why don't you place an order for the parts you need? All Kia parts are certified and engineered specifically for your vehicle. Whether you need an oil filter, brake pads, taillights, or even a new battery, you can place an order online and we will notify you when your shipment arrives.

Services at Garden Grove Kia

The awesome mechanics and technicians here at Garden Grove Kia are well versed in all automotive maintenance tasks. Need new brakes? How about a simple wiper blade installation? Some complex electrical service? We can handle it all. Bring your Kia in for an inspection then schedule an appointment to resolve any issues it's having. Stay safe out on the roads!

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